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Anti Counterfeiting Technology

​​Lepton-id Inc.

Cosmetic Protection & Safeguards

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulates cosmetics.

Cosmetics as "intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance without affecting the body's structure or functions."

While the FDA regulates cosmetics, it is not able to control distribution.  The issue with high end cosmetics is the percentage of counterfeit cosmetics found on the market today.  

​​Cosmetic Protection and Safeguards

Market  Background
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulates cosmetics.
Cosmetics as “intended to be applied to the person  for cleansing, beautifying, promoting good looks, or altering the appearance without affecting the body’s structure or function”.
While the FDA regulates cosmetics, it is unable to control distribution. 
The issue with higher end cosmetics is the large % of counterfeits distributed.

Identify Broad Market Problem
Cosmetics have three clear issues plaguing them. An advanced defense system is required to address:
Three key issues are clear:
​           Counterfeit cosmetics
           False returns of products 
           Divergent product distribution

The FBI has identified Counterfeit Cosmetics, Fragrances that are Hazardous to Your Health
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“According to the International Chamber of Commerce, each year $250 billion[1] is lost to counterfeit products and this loss is expected to total $1.7 trillion by 2015”.

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UNODC Campaign raises consumer awareness of links between organized crime and $250 billion a year counterfeit business

A Real World Problem
Coty ruling positive for counterfeit cosmetics battle as Court rules in favor of information sharing
By Andrew McDougall+, 23-Jul-2015

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Our Capability in Cosmetic Protection and Safeguards
Covert solution is becoming more readily available today from many companies.  These however are not much more than traditional UV protection that you can procure via the web at Alibaba   

for the dye as well as the scanner.  The sophisticated counterfeiters have detected and many cases duplicated these techniques.

At Lepton-id, we offer a true stealth type sophisticated process of invisible forensic capable multi level protection process.  This invisible unique marking (or serialization) can be placed below the standard bar code requiring no additional space on the product. It is not detectable by UV sources.  Lepton-id has been working with proprietary versions of these technologies and now, made commercially available.

Lepton-id offers many different types of Cosmetic Protection and Safeguards
The Lepton-id product capability offers layers of protection.

As an example, a simple 2D bar code allows the consumer to scan the product with their Smartphone and can instantly be verified.  We can make the 2D bar code a tamper evident bar code that essential self destructs when someone tries to remove it. 

For the manufacturer, we can add a second covert invisible bar code under the 2D bar code or elsewhere on the product label for track and trace that takes up no additional space on the packaging.  This can be for the manufacturer to verify the box, the package and the label are all correct The counterfeiters cannot identify this level of stealth covert security.  This is well beyond typical  UV type techniques.  We can easily add another level of security with the Lepton line of secure taggants that can be customer or even product specific and can be used for forensic checking of the packaging. 

 Case Study-Diversion

The Issue:

Divergent cosmetic product.  Product shipped to different regions of the world priced differently for the local market.  The counterfeiters recognize that the item is identical, just the outside packaging is different for the local market. NY price is $80 the price South Africa is $40.

The counterfeiters procures large volume of cosmetics at half the price and repackage with the appropriate fake US labeling and ship it for< $3.00 added cost and sell in NY for  25% less than the manufacturer, causing lost revenue.

Our Solution:

An invisible 2D bar code with track and trace capability to know who is selling the divert product.


The covert invisible 2 D Bar code is impossible for the counterfeiter to identify and provide the information for the manufacturer to identify the unscrupulous distribution company and protect their brand identity.