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Lepton-ID, a subsidiary of ZBA, is a leader in developing state-of-the-art technologies to combat sophisticated counterfeiters.  A particular technology targeted for supply chain applications is developed by placing a small amount of optical sensitive material that will enable vendors, customers and consumers to authenticate the product now and for the life of the product.   The unique properties of this optical material is that it is not visible to the naked eye under essentially all illumination

 Virtually every product sold has a barcode printed on it.   Literally billions of barcodes are scanned across the world every day.  Printed 2D codes are found in all types of product packaging and advertising designed as an easy reference to understanding more about the product through a web based database retrieval system. 

Lepton-ID has recently introduced a series of anti-counterfeit technologies including invisible bar codes.  Unlike other invisible barcodes technology these codes do not react to a UV light source.  Competitive UV responsive invisible codes are typically formed from organic material and can be readily purchased on on-line from a multiplicity of sources. 

The Lepton-ID technique utilizes an inorganic material which is environmentally safe, is virtually indestructible with an extremely long shelf life.   The Lepton-id technology is especially suitable in harsh surroundings as the taggants can withstand high heat and severe environments.   

Where is the Invisible Bar Code going?

The Lepton-ID invisible bar codes are designed utilizing state-of-the-art inorganic material suitable for use in most manufacturing environments.  Lepton-ID specially designed taggant  readers can detect the presence of the barcode and  decode that pattern into numerical characters that can confirm the products authenticity and allow for database tracking.  The major aspect of this technology is that the well funded counterfeiters do not have easy access to the taggant and they would need special equipment to detect the presence of the taggant.   

Trends certainly suggest that higher value components, like those targeted by counterfeiters, will carry an invisible bar code as one of multiple security features used to prevent counterfeiters. 

Lepton-ID  is continually developing techniques, products and technologies to support the companies targeted with false product and those with  divergence issues. 

Be assured the creators of fake or counterfeit products will continue to challenge the supply chains, but these un-detectible Invisible Bar Codes (without specific Optical Detection) will thwart those efforts. 

Combating Fake Products Affecting Your Industry

Industry data shows in excess of a hundred billion dollars per year of counterfeit product entering the supply chains. 

From electronic components, pharmaceuticals, apparel, identification cards, Military, Industrial products, etc., all that have been counterfeited.  This has been occurring for many years costing manufacturers and citizens many dollars as well as potential significant life and health risks.

Clearly, the Lepton-ID inorganic taggants alone and or used as an invisible barcode can be incorporated into virtually all products helping to combat this problem. 




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