"Technological protection is seen to be the best way to avoid the problem in counterfeit apparel, divergent product and brand protection"

Anti Counterfeiting Technology


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"Unlike other invisible barcode technologies, the Lepton-id taggant is not visible under ultra-violet (UV) light." 

"We are an anti-counterfeit technology company focusing on the protection of your product"

​​Lepton-id Inc.

We are Lepton-id: 

Lepton-id anti-counterfeit technology is a New Jersey based company that has created secure, anti-counterfeit, identification solution technology. 

​Guaranteed Features of our products and services:

- No visibility under UV or visible excitation.

-A variety of taggant versions.

-Materials with both Stokes and Anti-Stokes characteristics. 

We have developed and created anti counterfeiting technology, which uses two different types of optical detectors for your brand protection services. First, the VI1170 can give a simple present/not present readout, while the second, VL6300 can visualise a hidden is created when the threads are sewn into the clothing.

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Anti Counterfeiting Technology


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