Industrial Protections

​ Is the segment of the economy involving the manufacturing and transportation of products.

​The industrial market involves one business providing goods or services to another business (B2B) .

Automotive Safety Measures

Market Background                                                                                                       

Fake or imitation auto parts (components, cables and more) have become a problem of epic proportions in the past several years.  In the United States, it has impacted General Motors, Ford and most all other brands.  However, it doesn't just impact the brands such as these major corporations or their parts subsidiaries.  It has clear safety impact for all people purchasing these products and simply driving on our roads. 
Counterfeit parts are developed, produced, packaged and represented in such a way as to deceive the public.  Counterfeiters have shown they can duplicate a trademark exactly, or alter it in such a way so that the everyday customer cannot recognize the difference. Those who produce and sell these fakes items want you to think you are getting a part produced by a reputable brand – but you are not.  Further, most counterfeiting auto parts suppliers utilize trademarks without the owner’s permission. This is a criminal offense. 
In China, police have arrested several suspects involved with a criminal enterprise that manufactured and sold more than $4.18 million worth of counterfeit brand motor oil since April 2013 (Xiaoru Source: Global Times Published: 2014-5-6).  The criminals sold some 3,000 tons of low quality engine lubricant that it labeled under well-known brand names (e.g. Shell, Mobil, Castrol etc.).  The counterfeiters sold the fake motor oil to companies at the same prices they paid for genuine brand name lubricants.
Significant resources worldwide have been applied to combat these auto counterfeiters and Lepton-id wants to help.  The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has helped raise awareness for  consumers.  They estimated all products represent a $250 billion a year value of counterfeit goods -- 

Broad Market Problem                                                                                                    

a.  Educating consumers and supply chain participants that costs in the long run will be higher when using fake materials.  Reliability (time in service) are sure to be less and replacement/repair more frequent.                                                                                                     

b.   Because fake components are not produced to the manufacturers specifications, other system level failures will undoubtedly result.                                                                                     

c.    Safety related issues are the scariest for all people on the road -- including your loved ones.                                                                                                                                

d.  It is not easy to spot a fake.  If you are not the installer, ask your service tech to see the packaging and product.  Beware - counterfeiters will use colors, artwork and similar fonts vs. the legitimate supply.                                                                                          

e.  The far reaching implications of fake products affect brand reputation, profits to these corporations and subsequently jobs.                   

 A Real World Problem                                                                                            

Because counterfeiters and fake products are a worldwide epidemic, the major manufacturers have continued to mobilize their efforts worldwide.  See this article from Ford and issues they have seen in the Middle East --

These efforts need to be engaged with glass manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, plastic manufacturers, cable manufacturers and many more.  These components are all very much responsible for air bag deployment, anti-lock braking and a multitude of engine control functions. 

Market Challenges                                                                                                             

1.  Limited oversight of counterfeit markets and insufficient regulatory enforcement.
2.  Unreliable market infrastructure to address the broad counterfeit problem.
3.  Quality "look" of fake product will fool most consumers.
4.  Focused counterfeiters continue to innovate despite brand protection efforts.
5.  Lack of direct consumer communication reduces anti-counterfeit efforts.

The Technology                                                                                                    

Lepton-id offers tremendous options and flexibility in merging different product solutions to customize your application and needs.  Using microscopic materials in conjunction with our state-of-the-art, electronic detectors makes us unique and formidable.  Each and every feature contained in our solutions has been developed to authenticate any level of packaging including cartons, cables, electronic components, glass or most anything the Automotive industry requires. Your supply chain will never be more secure.  Measure Lepton-id vs. any technology and find the Lepton-id differentiator.   We offer multi-layered and integrated approaches that suit our customers and protect people.

The Lepton-id Solution                                                                                               

Package the product in the supply chain for easy field inspection.  The use of our security taggant (marker) creates a covert designator that will not rub off or disappear.  The use of our proprietary detectors makes authentication secure.  Our security technologies can be adapted to the automotive customers' individual market needs, situation and threats. Lepton-id will protect and strengthen the brand image and guarantee unparallel security for the customers. An unmeasured benefit includes the pressure applied to fake producers to force them out of a well protected market.    
The clear Lepton-id differentiator will be we can allow both item-unique authentication and traceability of products.  We can create counterfeit-proof special labels with integrated data and provide each individual product with a verifiable identity (pedigree) which shows it to be authentic and allows the product's whole route to be tracked – from manufacture right through to sale. 
Extended solutions with cloud based verification is also available.  These Lepton-id technologies create a secure technique to determine real from fake goods.  This inexpensive solution protects lives and reduces the risk of potential lawsuits. 
Lepton-id focuses initial efforts in Anti-Counterfeit, False Returns, Divergence (Cross sales), Track and Trace, Covert product, Authentication and Forensic proof addressing the customers #1 problem “Brand Protection”.

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