Anti Counterfeiting Technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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​​Lepton-id Inc.

1.  Why Lepton-id??  What is Your Differentiator??                                       

Answer: Innovative Technology Solutions.  Our technical team has over 40 patents in various disciplines.  Our clients have identified counterfeit problems that require real time solutions for divergence and anti-counterfeit.  The Lepton-id technology addresses individual, multi-level and multi-layer sophisticated solutions that can be quickly  implemented and quickly ramped to volume production cost effectively saving companies millions of $.

2.   Who is Lepton-id??                                                                                                                

Answer:  Lepton-id is a 21 yr. old company originally working in the custom barcode and custom data collection marketplace designing and selling barcode readers and portable data terminals.  We expanded operations to wireless components and in the custom development programs for anti-counterfeit and theft deterrent solutions.  With the growth in this business unit, we have set up a new division to capitalize on this large opportunity.

3.  Our Goal is to Eradicate Counterfeiting of our Brand.  How can you help??                 

Answer: Our experience and technology allow us listen and understand your requirement  and to offer a design solution and implement the best and most cost effective solution to satisfy AND sustain those needs.  We deliver ROI.

4.   What is a Taggant??                                                                                                                

Answer: Taggants are molecules added to a product with little to no changes in the product characteristic in order allow various types of detection systems to operate.   The Lepton-id taggants are unique and effective and, in conjunction with our detectors, can identify virtually any product and/or track any product.

We offer various taggants and listed below are some characteristic:

          Invisible, and undetectable using a UV light source
          Can be incorporated into  adhesives, paint, ink,  plastic, ceramic,  fabric, etc.
          Specific versions can withstand up to 1500 degrees C
          Detectable with electronic means  even if  in some cases if the taggant is sub-surface.
          Lasts life of the product
          Variants for specific products can be formulated
          Forensic Markers
          Can be used in conjunction with other security features thus yielding a multi-Level Solutions
          Environmentally friendly

5.  Can Taggants "Change" Our Product??                                                                              

Answer:  No.  Whether in plastics, paper, adhesives, labels or water, there is no physical impact to your products appearance or performance. 

6.   How Long Will the Taggants Last??                                                                         

Answer:  Depending on the chemistry required for your application our taggants may last months or literally forever.  In fact, some military applications require identifying the taggants with our detectors after the product has been taken out of service.

7.  What is the Detection Method for Your Taggants??                                                           

Answer:  Lepton-id taggants are designed to only be detected by our detectors.  They cannot accurately be detected using other means such as chemical analysis.

8.  What is Involved with an Authentication Solution??                                                          

Answer:  Steps involved are typically first  to understand the generic issue that the brand owner needs to solve.  Next, to understand any constraints associated with implementing the solution.  At that point, a solution will be developed in conjunction with our brand owner that potentially includes covert and/or overt and diversionary marking, serialization, a production inspection process, a field authentication process, if required.  This information may be integrated in a secure database and stored on the cloud if necessary. 

9.  What is Product Serialization??                                                                                             

Answer:  Product serialization involves the unique marking or coding of individual products.  This may include their shipping cases, shipping pallets and packaging.  How this serialization is performed is dependent on the application, but can be applied overtly or covertly.  These unique identifiers are then secured in a database together with other pertinent details (shipment info, channel supplied to etc.).  This allows for supply chain inspection and confirmation of both product authentication (e.g. non counterfeit) and place of inventory/sale (e.g. non diverted).  

10.  How Much Taggant Material is Required to Allow Detection??                                     

Answer:  The quantity of taggant material mixing with your product is based on a number of factors including the mixing/application technique.  Lepton-id will study the application and protection plan and then recommend a percentage mix based on the application needs.

11.  I Need a Guarantee I Can Field Inspect, Can You Guarantee??                                               

Answer: YES.  The Lepton-id solution design for your specific application will include a field inspection component to ensure a closed feedback loop.  It will be an easy to use and clear integration of field inspection and technical system.   

12.   What are the Benefits for me and my Customers??                                                       

Answer: Our brand protection solutions guarantee consumers and product users are purchasing what they think they are.  That means integrity to the supply chain.  That benefits all of us from a product safety and financial standpoint.  These solutions prevent the loss of literally billions of dollars in tax revenues.  Finally, illegal monies no longer end up in the hands of criminals, terrorists or organized crime.

13.   Who are the Lepton-id Clients??                                                                                        

Answer: As a security partner we do not reveal the names and specific solutions we have developed for clients.  

14.  When was Lepton-id Founded??

Answer: Lepton-id, a known leader in product authentication and anti-counterfeit solutions was founded in 1994 known at that time as ZBA Inc.  Following a breakthrough in anti-counterfeit technologies in 1998 Lepton-id started developing the technologies with a goal to eradicate fake products.  In 2015, Lepton-id name was "born" .

15.  Where is Lepton-id Located??

Answer: Lepton-id is headquartered in Hillsborough, NJ, and Princeton, NJ.  We have regional offices in Huntsville, AL, Denver, CO, and Surrey, England with a facility in Guangzhou, China.

16.  What are the Benefits of Covert or Invisible Safety Features??


     Easy to implement and very low cost
     Extremely secure against copying
     Absolutely no regulatory approval required
     Positive authentication
     Easy to apply in-house, by the manufacturer, potentially implemented post product deployment

17.  What is the Downside of using  overt or visible safety features?

     Requires the user to be educated on process
     Clearly it is easily copied or re-used
     Potentially expensive to add
     May give false assurances


18.  What are the Strategic benefits in Implementing a Lepton-id  solution??

     Guaranteed NO visible markings
     No additional consumables required
     No production changes
     Instant positive authentication

19. What is Your Recommendation for Protecting Primary vs. Secondary Packaging??

Answer: Ideally we recommend both (Lepton-id taggants for packaging or labeling and Lepton-id pellets on molded parts). If there are financial restrictions, we recommend protecting the primary package and/or product itself.

20.  Are Lepton-id's Solutions Secure??

Answer: Invisible to the naked eye, Lepton-id's anti-counterfeit technologies are highly secure and are designed to push counterfeiters away from products it protects.  We defeat and eradicate counterfeiters.ions, we recommend protecting the primary package and/or product itself.