Standard Track Trace methods, you know the lot number, manufacturer, date code etc.  A unique product label in standard track and trace methods can be duplicated and require product verification or genuine vs counterfeit.

 The Lepton-id anti-counterfeit Track and Trace technology method can distinguish between original label from counterfeit label.  The Lepton-id proprietary software (algorithm) that generates the unique bar code can be verified by the Lepton-id detectors to distinguish genuine from counterfeit.

 We can add additional levels of security features to the label making it virtually impossible to duplicate.  These include embedding taggants, micro laser etching and micro printing plus invisible bar code solutions.

Patents pending.

Track & Trace & Cloud Based Verification

Anti Counterfeiting Technology

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Our Unique Solution
         Patent pending
         Unique serial number
         Unique pattern detection
         Laser etched Hologram with micro print and or logo
         Invisible Bar Code
         Taggant added for 5th level security

Cloud based verification
         Pattern detected in cloud for supply chain tracking
         Smart phone enabled detection (option)

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