Anti Counterfeiting Technology

Secure 2D barcode transformed Laser-etched and Printed Hologram

Lepton-id anti-counterfeit technologies has added a unique (patent pending) security enhancements to standard 2-dimensional barcode.   Lepton-id can take a standard barcode,  for example a QR code, and selectively alter  some of the characteristics of the bar/space  to provide a transformed 2-D barcode with a unique characteristics.  If the standard barcode and the transformed barcode is read by a commercially available barcode scanner then the output of the scanner will provide exactly the same data string.  When the barcode is scanned by the lepton-id verification scanner, we can then determine if the barcode's bar/space transformation has met the predefined modifications used to form the barcode. If the result of the scan is positive then that indicates that the label and the barcode is valid. If the response from the scanner is negative then this indicates that the label is a copy. Additionally the Standard barcode would normally be a unique number. (Please visit our track and trace section of the website for further details on this capability).

While we offer 2-dimensional standard and transformed barcodes that are traditional printed black on white background we also offer barcodes printed onto Holograms and for even greater security laser etched into the hologram.  The use of a Hologram and its associated Laser etched barcode provides an extremely high level of security.  Once you add to the Laser etched label the addition of laser etched micro-printing and the technique of 2D-barcode transformation and the addition of embedded taggants then the label is as close to impossible to duplicate as any available product. 

Secure Hologram

​We offer standard variants of secure holograms.  We also produce custom secure holograms based on your needs.

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 A hologram is an objective material structure or photographic recording of a light field that diffracts light into an image, or a full 3 dimensional image.  When illuminated properly, the interference pattern diffracts the light into replica light field.

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