​​Lepton-id Inc.

Anti Counterfeiting Technology

Hand marked with UV marker with no illumination

​Hand marked with UV marker with UV illumination 

UV Detectors


Our UV activated photochromic dyes are solvent soluble dyes that change from colorless to colored when activated by a UV light source and then convert  back to colorless when light source is removed. 

Our UV dyes show no visible color but will fluoresce when exposed to UV light.  

We embed our UV taggants  as markers that can emit coded optical signals outside of the visual spectrum. Their main purpose is to track and trace product.

Application examples include, Access Control, Apparel, Chemical, Cosmetic, Document Security, Electronics, Liquor, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Industrial, Automotive, Military, Phamaceuticals etc. to  authentication product from counterfeit goods. 

UV Markers

UV Markers and Detectors