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Market Background                                                                                                       

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that up to 10% of medicines worldwide are counterfeited a potentially fatal situation that could be costing the pharmaceutical industry in excess of $40 billion per year.  US Customs and Border Control have seized over $79 million of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care items. Over 500,000 people have died from fake medications. 

Frequency of occurrence are even higher in under developed nations, in some cases as high as 30% supply chain contamination.

Potential customers looking for discounted medicines are often duped into believing that online purchases can be secured at lower prices.  Often this can be a risky proposition.  That is why Lepton-id is joining many pharmaceutical companies whom are partnering with government agencies to engage fake products and their supply chains. 

Companies such as Pfizer Inc. (PFE) have reported calls (Source: Bloomberg News ) from people taking their cholesterol-lowering drug (Lipitor) and complained some tablets tasted "funny".   

A particular women was instructed to return the suspect medication to a Pfizer lab.  The tablets literally looked identical to Lipitor.   In fact, there were even some active ingredients like Lipitor.  These were checked and confirmed as fakes and the fallout included millions of tablets being pulled from pharmacies and warehouses. 

Techniques such as radio frequency ID (RFID) tags have been considered for drug tracking (from lab to production to consumers), but that technology has reported security breaches as well.

Counterfeiting and diversion of medications is truly a global issue affecting all countries. These counterfeiting activities threaten the welfare of citizens worldwide.  Clearly, the fake product also affects the revenues of legitimate companies.  Lepton-id is a true  verifiable solution provider that can field authenticate products via packaging or through materials.                                                                                                                                                        

Broad Market Problem                                                                                                   

 a.  Understanding that most consumers are unaware they are engaging in the purchase         of fake medicines.                                                                                                               

b.  Supply chains that can be penetrated if technology solutions are not utilized.            

c.  Distribution channels for fake products are expanding.                                                     d.  Costs associated with anti-counterfeiting activities, including litigation and responding      to public health and safety consequences is significant.

Our Capability for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Protection                                         

Easy to implement and low cost, Lepton-id technologies include the use of proprietary taggants and detectors that could be applied to presently used packaging.  These taggants cannot be copied and even if criminals are aware there is an integrated taggant, they cannot apply fake materials to "fool" our detectors. DO NOT mistake this solution with an Ultra-violet (UV) curable ink which can be easily secured and easily read with a UV reader.  The Lepton-ID solution is real and ready.  These security taggants can be applied to packaging, adhesives, labels and holograms depending on the manufacturing process used for that particular product.

Lepton-id can implement a true invisible barcode (again, not UV) that can be printed over most information printed onto boxes or labels.  That barcode can be unique or serialized.  

Lepton-id recommends global field monitoring and cloud based tracking that guarantees the product's pedigree in the field.  This can be done by customers, inspectors, employees alike.

In short, our products are available for use in the Pharmaceutical marketplace for use in security seals for healthcare products.  They are targeted to protect consumers and companies in our ongoing battle against fake products that endanger people worldwide. There will be no fake or diverted product with Lepton-id technologies.

 The Technology                                                                                                     

Lepton-id offers tremendous options and flexibility in merging different product solutions to customize your application and needs.  Using microscopic materials in conjunction with our state-of-the-art, electronic detectors makes us unique and formidable.  Each and every feature contained in our solutions has been developed to authenticate any level of packaging including cartons, bottles, vial's, blister foil or most anything the Pharmaceutical industry requires. Your supply chain will never be more protected.  Measure Lepton-id vs. any technology and find the Lepton-id differentiator.   We offer multi-layered and integrated approaches that suit our customers and protect people.

A Real World Problem                                                                                         

Counterfeit copies of a well know pharmaceutical brand were found in the U.S. supply chain.  The product had no authentication protections applied to the product or packaging.  This instantly created a patient risk situation as well as a brand reputation threat.  Most all of us have heard of similar occurrences with aspirin brands etc.    There was in excess of $1 billion of authentic product in the supply chain and distribution pipeline that had to be put on hold pending a verification process of legitimate product.

The Lepton-id Solution                                                                                                               Re-Package the product in the supply chain for easy field inspection.  The use of our security taggant creates a covert designator that will not rub off or disappear.  The use of our proprietary detectors makes authentication secure.  Extended solutions with cloud based verification can also be engaged.  These technologies create a secure technique to determine real from fake goods.  This inexpensive solution protects lives and reduces the risk of potential lawsuits. 

Lepton-id focuses initial efforts in Anti-Counterfeit, False Returns, Divergence (Cross sales), Track and Trace, Covert product, Authentication and Forensic proof addressing the customers #1 problem “Brand Protection”.

Lepton-id has been working with proprietary versions of these technologies and now, made commercially available.

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